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Title: Constructivist approaches and strategies for improving the listening language skills 
Authors: Rexhaj, Xhavit
Keywords: language skills
authentic learning
constructivist approach
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2016
Publisher: AAB College
Abstract: This article deals with activities to develop listening language skills in a context of authentic learning in the subject of English language in Kosovo schools. Looking into this issue we studied the relevant literature, used results of the visitations of English and Albanian language classes in 30 schools in Kosovo, and results of a questionnaire administered with 229 teachers of English language in ten Kosovo schools. Good practices observed during the visits organized in five American schools during the winter of 2015 have also been taken in consideration. The aim of the article, based on the findings of the quantitative and qualitative research in some 30 Albanian schools, is to identify and suggest learning activities in the classrooms that would help improve the development of student listening skills in the subject of English language. The suggestions can be generalized and used by teachers of the Albanian language as well. Within the integrated learning approach and the competence based curriculum framework which is being applied recently in Kosovo, the strategies suggested in this article can be used for the curriculum area of languages and communication.
ISSN: 1848-4298
Appears in Collections:2016, VOL. 5, NO. 1

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