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Title: The influence of English in the language used by Kosovar media
Authors: Sejdiu, Sejdi
Alla, Aida
Keywords: Albanian language
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2015
Publisher: AAB College
Abstract: The aim of this research is the reflection of the influence of English language on Albanian language used by Kosovar media. The Albanian language is always influenced by other languages, including the impact of different invaders throughout history over the Albanian people. English language holds a special place as a global or international language. Its use affects all the languages of the world, including Albanian, where its influence has become more significant over the past twenty years. This happened due to uncontrolled entry of anglicisms in Albanian language and the need for appropriate terminology labelling as a result of technological development. The equivalents of current Albanian words are not used in the media or in public because of the prestige that that English words have. Lack of equivalent words is another reason for using more anglicisms. Today, despite the commitment of the Albanian language lecturers, television media and daily newspapers are the most significant users of anglicisms. This research deals with the history, use, causes, time and future anglicisms in Albanian language.
ISSN: 1848-4298
Appears in Collections:2015, VOL. 4, NO. 3

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