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Title: The issue of Kosovar identity
Authors: Sallova, Donik
Keywords: identity
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2015
Publisher: AAB College
Abstract: With the re-proclaimed independence of Kosova on 17 February 2008 and with the foundation (establishment) of Kosova’s state among the public opinion began to circulate the idea that “since Kosova became a state, now we can also find the “Kosova nation”, because every state should have his own nationality, different (divers) by other national- states. The aim of this study is to argue that the idea of the Kosova state has not born with the purpose to create the new national identity of Kosova’s people (so the Kosovo nation) because the Albanian national identity of Kosova has been solid, established and determined. Besides the political unit not necessarily imposes the changing the national identity of the people (even if in the occupation circumstances). In fact, the efforts of Kosova people for liberation, independence and state building had the aim to protect guarantee and cultivate their determined and formed Albanian national identity which was being violated by Serbia. The paper will explain the idea that the “Kosova identity” as the “new national identity of Kosova” is more an artificial construction that ignores the historical and political conditions on the road of Albanian of Kosova for independence, than a real natural identity aspiration of Kosova’s people. Moreover, this idea is in contradict with the theoretical principles of modern nation building in general. At the end, will be concluded that Kosova state was projected from elites and the people of Kosova as a second Albanian state, temporarily unable for the union with the (natural Albanian state), Albania, so the “Kosova’s identity” is only an Albanian sub-identity with distinguished characteristics, but this is normal for all the modern national identities. As an actual obstacle of natural compliance of the Albanian identity with the state of Kosova are the “Ahtisaar principles” of the actual Republic (the republic of 17 February); which the political elites of Kosova after 2007 accepted as a compromise for the “recognition” of Kosova independence from the Security Council of UN (even after this compromise the council does not recognize Kosova’s independence)
ISSN: 1848-4298
Appears in Collections:2015, VOL. 4, NO. 1

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