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Title: Challenges adult education in Kosovo
Authors: Llunji, Venera
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2013
Publisher: AAB College
Abstract: The 21st century requires serious efforts to rethink, broaden, and fully embrace the notion of adult education. Adult education ought to ensure people’s access to knowledge and learning throughout their lives and thus create possibilities to enjoy cultural, social and economic development. Nowadays, adults face many unique challenges from the development of technology and science to the demands of an increased rapid social life. Therefore, the purpose in writing this paper was to better understand the importance of adult education for all: individuals, organizations, and societies including Kosovo society. This paper considers the adult education challenges that Kosovo faces as a society in transition. Every year, thousands of graduates enter the job market. They face a number of challenges such as trying to adapt to new environments, learning to perform new skills, and working to establish a professional identity and career goals. With the rapid rate of change in today’s workplace, there has come an increasing need to establish innovative ways to prepare employees to meet these challenges. For example, the explosion in the field of knowledge and information technology demands that workers be willing and able to learn new skills and approaches. Employees are required to learn continuously in the workplace to ensure their continued competitiveness. Many organizations have been encouraging further learning, both formal and informal to help both the organization and its members face the rapid rate of change. These types of learning are becoming a major force in the initial and ongoing education of today’s employees1. Therefore, the importance of Adult Education for the overall economic, social, and cultural development of our society has become a priority and a key issue. Key words: adult education, knowledge, learning, workplace, development, society
ISSN: 1848-4298
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