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Title: Neutrality of the EU, additional obstacle in the Kosovo EU integration process
Authors: Rrahmani, Bashkim
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2018
Publisher: AAB College
Abstract: Engagement of EU institutions has been different in various aspects in Kosovo compared to engagement these institutions had in the other states of the Balkans. The role of EU institutions has been very important during the first phases of construction and reconstruction of Kosovo after the settlement of international civil administration when the EU had one of the most important pillars of international administration. However, in the process of integrations according to the Stabilization and Association Process, there were created mechanisms which put Kosovo in a different position compared to Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, etc. After the Declaration of Kosovo Independence, five EU member states did not (and still do not) recognize Kosovo independence whereas EU institutions continue to keep the neutral position regarding Kosovo status. These are issues which have slowed down and made it difficult the process of integration of Kosovo, whereas Kosovo is the last state that entered into the contractual relations with the EU institutions. In addition, to Kosovo, there were given additional conditions which were not applied to other Balkan countries. Paper using the combined methodology makes an analysis of intervention of the EU institutions through various phases, including the phase of dissolution of the former Yugoslav federation up to the declaration of Kosovo Independence.
ISSN: 1848-4298
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