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Title: Strategies of manipulation through political communication and the use of Spin Doctors
Authors: Çipuri, Ramadan
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2017
Publisher: AAB College
Abstract: Political Communication occurs through various methods. It includes individuals involved directly in politics or others who work and serve other people. Throughout history there have been numerous examples of advisors and individuals who are responsible for the image of political leaders. In Albania, the communication through the so-called Spin Doctors has widely been practiced, and it has been seen as a necessity by both sides of the Albanian politics. Experiences show that public information mainly passes through political communication in the form of distortion and in the worst scenario as a manipulation of the reality and truth. This study will explore the ways used for the distortion of the truth, including the problematic itself: manipulation through communication strategies. The paper also includes some other research issues, from which the strategies of information are found and these strategies pass through political communication. The study is based on a descriptive analysis, but sequentially analyses some specific cases to enable the inclusion of existing national framework. This study aims to conclude that regarding the manipulation through public communication, Albanian politics has followed the same pace with other countries of the world, but within its specifications, conditioned by numerous factor, there are included a lot of well-known names that carry for the image, its protection and development.
ISSN: 1848-4298
Appears in Collections:2017, VOL. 6, NO. 1

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