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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-01-01Acquisition of Albanian as a first language from the perspective of natural order hypothesisRexhaj, Xhavit et al.
2013-01-01Adaptive cognitive dimension and maladaptive behavioral dimension as motivating factors in school achievementZenuni, Anita; Vehapi, Shemsedin
2018-01-01The Administrative System of Cities in Kosovo during the XVI-XVIII centuriesAhmeti, Isuf
2017-01-01The advantages of online shopping according to Albanian customersRrumbullaku, Jonida; Kume, Kristaq
2015-01-01Agnia Desnickaja’s contribution to the study of transitional speeches in Albanian languageLubishtani, Manjola
2015-01-01Albanian language media in Montenegro and National CultureKallaba, Ismet
2015-01-01Albanian online media and functioning modelsÇela, Erlis
2015-01-01Albanian political parties PR strategies in the mediatization of Mayor Candidates in Local Elections 2015Sakja, Arta
2015-01-01Albanian TV programming on the eve of the switch over to digital terrestrial broadcastingKalaja, Diana
2015-01-01Albanıan journalıst between professıonal standards and external pressuresÇipuri, Ramadan
2012-01-01Alienation of the Institution of the Assembly!Dushi, Florian
2017-01-01Analysis of critical approaches on interative communication enabled by social mediaÇela, Erlis
2014-01-01Analysis Paper on Treatment of Trade in Services under the Kosovo-Turkey Free Trade Agreement of ServicesGovori, Malva
2014The Approach of Local Firms towards E-bankingAbdullahu, Lorik; Mullatahiri, Vjosa; Podvorica, Ganimete
2014-01-01Architecture as Political Expression/ the Expression of national identity in embassy buildings; Berlin experienceJashari-Kajtazi, Teuta
2015-01-01Aspects of the multimediality developed in Albanian online journalismZguri, Rrapo
2014-01-01The audience measurement in Albania – Efforts to institutionalize the processGoci, Ervin
2012-01-01The ballad of the walled up woman in Albanian studiesVelaj, Olimbi
2012-01-01The Banking and Credit System and its Impact on Economic DevelopmentKryeziu, Refik
2012-01-01The Banking and Credit System and its Impact on Economic DevelopmentKryeziu, Refik