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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01Significance of globalization in economic development, Case of KosovoHasani, Vjollca
2012-01-01Organized Crime as an Influential Factor in Political Processes – Case Study of North KosovoQollakaj, Fatmir
2012-01-01The Banking and Credit System and its Impact on Economic DevelopmentKryeziu, Refik
2012-01-01Types of prisons and labour camps and the position of convicted persons in Albania during the communist dictatorshipGashi, Rexhep
2012-01-01The Serbian Propaganda in Dick Marty’s ReportSaliu, Hasan
2012-01-01Alienation of the Institution of the Assembly!Dushi, Florian
2012-01-01The ballad of the walled up woman in Albanian studiesVelaj, Olimbi
2012-01-01The Banking and Credit System and its Impact on Economic DevelopmentKryeziu, Refik
2012-01-01Coinciding concerns, Stavileci and Kadare, a comparative analysisLlunji, Venera
2012-01-01Reform of Public Administration in KosovoBatalli, Mirlinda
2013-01-01Process of the new codification of the penal code of the Republic of KosovoJanuzi-Shala, Vjosa
2013-01-01USA and Kosovo: From human rights to independenceDalipi, Samet
2013-01-01A typology of the Albanian journalist todayGodole, Jonila
2013-01-01The image of a country, communication actors in educational exchangesSaliu, Hasan
2013-01-01Adaptive cognitive dimension and maladaptive behavioral dimension as motivating factors in school achievementZenuni, Anita; Vehapi, Shemsedin
2013-01-01Integration of Prishtina through mobility as an indicator – Calabria case studyPallaska, Elvida
2013-01-01The Media Influence on Albanian SocietyMiftari, Vehbi; Sallova, Donik
2013-01-01Challenges adult education in KosovoLlunji, Venera
2013-01-01Ownership, crucial cause for the crisis of newspapers in AlbaniaNezaj, Sami
2014The Approach of Local Firms towards E-bankingAbdullahu, Lorik; Mullatahiri, Vjosa; Podvorica, Ganimete